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Contributing Code

The ImpressCMS philosophy is to give everyone a chance to contribute code in the project. There are 2 ways you can contribute your code.

1- Committing your code in the ImpressCMS SVN Repository

If you are familiar with Subversion (SVN), you can commit your code directly in ImpressCMS repository.

First, you will need to get a SourceForge account:

Then, you will need to get SVN write privileges for the ImpressCMS project. To get this, simply fill out this form. One of the current ImpressCMS developers will contact you to help get you setup to contribute !

If you are not familiar with subversion, you are encouraged to investigate this (as it's a really cool tool !) :

You can also search or ask our forums !

2- Submit a patch in the patch tracker

You can also simply create a package with your code and submit it in ImpressCMS Patches tracker. Please document as much as possible what you are fixing, or what feature you are implementing.

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