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ImpressCMS 1.3.x series

ImpressCMS 1.3.10 Security Release (30 Dec 2016)

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What's New?

Please see the release notes on the Github release page

Since ImpressCMS 1.3.0

Faster & Lower Memory requirements

The refactoring in the ImpressCMS 1.3 release has resulted in major improvements: less memory use, speedier page loads and less SQL queries per page, making it the fastest and nimblest ImpressCMS to date.

Fully PHP 5.6 compatible

The structure of the code has seen a major overhaul, in order to comply with the current best practices for PHP5. This makes the code easier to write, and easier to maintain.

Facilitated module development

By using the automatic inclusion of required files, module developers can think about improving their module, and not about handling file administration.

Module updates

Many modules have received compatibility updates to work with this release. Other modules have been written specifically to take advantage of the improved codebase of version 1.3.

General Improvements 

  • MariaDB has been verified to work with ImpressCMS as an alternative to MySQL
  • Core links pointing to 'index.php' files have been removed. This improves your link profiles for the search engines because it eliminates different URIs pointing to the same content.
  • Creating PDF content with functionality included in the core no longer generates an error

Layout and Editing Improvements

  • Editing blocks on the user side works in all modern versions of browsers
  • TinyMCE was updated to the latest version (3.5.9)

Language improvements

  • When compression was enabled through the administration control panel, the multilanguage tags quite functioning. This option will not break the multilanguage functionality, but you will need to enable compression on your server, instead.

Security Improvements

  • Password encryption even more secure.
  • Smarty Resizer now uses a more secure folder structure
  • Filtering with HTMLPurifier
  • A vulnerability in the Smarty template engine was patched

Authentication Fixes

  • LDAP and ADS authentication fixed
  • OpenID authentication fixed for some server configurations

Performance Improvements

  • Addressed slow loading pages when gzip was enabled
  • Improved performance of the installer during data insertion

Initial changes for PHP 5.4 compliance

Core module updates

  • banners, profile, protector


This is a final release, and is ready to be used on a production server.

Download location

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What else do I need?

This release of ImpressCMS officially supports PHP 5.5, and should work with PHP 5.6. With this release, we are moving farther into only supporting stable versions of PHP5. This is only the core, modules might use code structures that are no longer compatible with the newer versions of PHP out in the wild.

  • PHP: 5.4+
  • MySQL: MySQL server 4.1.0+ - With UTF-8 Support
  • Web server: Any server supporting the required PHP version (Apache highly recommended). 
  • Special characters require UTF-8 support from hosting providers.
  • 16MB PHP Memory

How do I upgrade or install?

Installation Guide - if you haven't installed ImpressCMS or XOOPS before, this is where you start

Upgrading - if you already have an ImpressCMS or XOOPS install, these instructions will guide you through the upgrade process