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ImpressCMS is not just a content management system, it's a community management system made with you in mind!

Since the birth of ImpressCMS we've strived to improve our system and code so much so that it makes it that much easier for the end user, once installed everything is pretty much click and build taking out the requirement for technical knowledge leaving you or your client to input your time where it's needed, in developing your website and your community in a web 2.0 style.

ImpressCMS is so much more than just content and community, it's a lively hood for any business user. Our system is capable of handling the smallest of sites Intranet or internet and can be up scaled to see through and maintain the largest of projects.


Marc-André Lanciault

Release Management
David Janssens

Steve Kenow

Advertising, PR & Marketing
Timothy Bowers

To make contact with any of these people please do so via the following form: Contact Us

What They Say!

Wonderful! Very helpful community supporting a fantastic application. I used XOOPS for years and just wanted to try out ICMS, I started with the new 1.1 release... and the features are amazing... long awaited, and exceptional. My new CMS of choice! Also, the talks I have read about the 1.2 release goals, and 1.3 release ideas are awesome. keep up the great work ICMS Team!

By Larry - Quoted From: OpenSourceCMS



With the release of version 1.1 of its content management system in late October, ImpressCMS has capped off an exciting year that would be the envy of almost any open source project.

By Peter Hagopian - Quoted From:



They use ImpressCMS.

There are by far to many to name but currently ImpressCMS is seeing the light on many servers around the world and to give you just a little inspiration of what can be done here are some shots of sites using ImpressCMS.

Midwest Wakeboarder Site Image

Midwest Wakeborder -

Granada Sur Experiences
Granada Sur Experiences -

(From time to time we will change the sites listed above)

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