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ImpressCMS 2.0

Latest information is available on the Assembla Milestone page for ImpressCMS 2.0

Future Releases

  • add "username availability" verification to registration page (NO redirect!)
  • add "proper password length" verification to registration page (NO redirect!)
  • add "email used/not used" verification to registration page (NO redirect!)
  • add "resend activation link" from the 2.2.x on lost password page 
  • auto-delete users that failed activation after a number of % days, admin selectable from site preferences
  • Delete notifications by user separately (see this hack in XOOPSInfo)
  • enable and disable a user login...
  • Configure which groups can post comments
  • On-Going Source Code Security Audit
  • Full SourceCode Security Audit - Sql Queries
  • add bluenova's hack "welcome to site" pm upon registration
  • Permissions based debug options
  • Faster formdhtmltextarea
  • Multilanguage caching
  • Make ImpressCMS be forced to work under SSL
  • ImpressCMS Multisite
  • Third Party Libraries Integration
  • Improving the search engine
  • Site wide taxonomy feature
  • Implementation of third party libraries automatic inclusion
  • Modulize PM
  • Multitheme Included.
  • Improve the Editors Administration. (To admin theme as the admin of modules)
  • Improve the Theme Administration. (To admin theme as the admin of modules)
  • MultiSite Included. (Much structure changes... waiting till 2.5)
  • More Database Implementations (maybe PDO + PHP5)
  • Start making a way to a Easy Development Framework. (A far away idea)
  • Test and think a ORM implementation. (A far away idea)
  • Full implementation of the new password encryption

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