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Previous Roadmaps

ImpressCMS 1.3

Goals - Optimization and Standardization

  • reduce the amount of memory PHP needs to run ImpressCMS
  • decrease the page load times
  • reduce the size of the download packages
  • full consistency in our code, class, object, and functions names
  • introduce true standardize code practice
  • remove any unused code
  • remove any unnecessary features
  • address any @TODO tags in comments
  • address anything marked as @deprecated
  • new Admin Control Panel (ACP) theme (the only new feature planned for this release)
  • reduce number of included/required files


Release Cycles

Feature freeze - February 2010 (only feature in this release is the new ACP theme)
"Beta" - March 2010
"RC" - April 2010
Final - May 2010

What we need to address

There are unlimited amount of things we can do to meet those goals. However, we want shorter release cycles. So we will concentrate on what really matters, and from that, only address what will improve life of 80% of users/developers/designers.

Convention over Configuration

PHP 5.3 Support

Simple code change to improve performance

As demonstrated here:

Table schema created by IPF

Currently IPF is creating tables automatically, but in a very basic way. All "number" fields are INT(11), all short text are VARCHAR(255), all long text are TEXT. We need to improve this so each field type is optimized.

We also need to allow the creation of indexes.

And we may need to give the opportunity to use a different storage engine for the table.

Optimize Database

Zend Framework Integration

We will start integrating Zend Framework in a few places where it matters. We need to check the feature of ZF and decide what would be the 3 best feature to use in ImpressCMS, without having to recode everything. So basically, what would be the 3 features of ZF which we could integrate with the less emount of effort possible, and with the greatest impact on our code, performance, security, usability, etc...

functions.php into classes

Encapsulate most of the functions in functions.php and create classes

Use of spl_autoload_register