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Project Structure

ImpressCMS is built as a community project, combining knowledge and experience in different fields to form one solid developer´s community.

As the project is at an early stage of development, the organizational structure is informal. Every developer operates at an equal level - contributing where they are best suited.

As the project grows, a more structured organization will be required in order to keep the project running smoothly. The key philosophy is to strive for co-operation and equal say.

While the nature of open source projects is that the contributors frequently change, the organization structure will be flexible, where everyone can contribute equally to the project. The focus will be more on projects and tasks, then on roles and teams.

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Contributing Code

The ImpressCMS philosophy is to give everyone a chance to contribute code in the project. There are 2 ways you can contribute your code. 1- Committing your code in the ImpressCMS SVN Repository If you are familiar with Subversion (SVN), you can commit your code directly in ImpressCMS repository...


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