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Installation Guide

Introduction First, if you havn't downloaded ImpressCMS yet, you should do it right now. You can always find the latest version on After you have extracted an archive, and entered the 'xxx' folder, you can see 4 directories: docs - holds this document as well as license...

Previous Roadmaps

ImpressCMS 1.3 Goals - Optimization and Standardization reduce the amount of memory PHP needs to run ImpressCMS decrease the page load times reduce the size of the download packages full consistency in our code, class, object, and functions names introduce true standardize code practice remove an...

API Site

The ImpressCMS API has been developed to help people study - and utilise the ImpressCMS Core.

Community Site

This is the heart and soul of the project, the community by which and for which the project exists ! This is the first place you want to go to jump in the project ! On this site you will find : ImpressCMS Forums where you can find all the support you need and discuss every aspect of ImpressCMS F...

Addons Site

This is the place where to find ALL the addons you need for your ImpressCMS site : Modules: Addons to add functionality to your site. Modules, while mostly enhancing content and features offered to your website users, can also enhance functionality for the webmaster in administrating his/her si...