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Wiki Site

This is the Community driven documentation of ImpressCMS. This is where the Community and Developers can equally work on documentation. The Wiki also allows the translation of work across different languages. Documentation can include: Module, Development, Tips, and more.

ImpressCMS Network

The ImpressCMS network is composed of a few sites with different objectives.

Contributing Code

The ImpressCMS philosophy is to give everyone a chance to contribute code in the project. There are 2 ways you can contribute your code. 1- Committing your code in the ImpressCMS SVN Repository If you are familiar with Subversion (SVN), you can commit your code directly in ImpressCMS repository. ...


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How To Contribute?

Everyone who uses ImpressCMS is able to contribute in some way towards the project if they wish. Some easy ways to get involved include: Help others through the community support forums Write user documentation Translate ImpressCMS to your own language Donate to the project Report bugs Technical ...