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ImpressCMS is an open source project. That means it is yours. You can study, improve and share it however you like.

Do you want to get a certain improvement in the ImpressCMS distribution? Did you encounter a problem? Do you want to help translate, promote or document ImpressCMS?

Become part of the ImpressCMS Community and help us liberate data across the globe!

Improve ImpressCMS

  • Get a bug fixed (bugtracker documentation and general guidelines and setup)
  • Improve the ImpressCMS Core (core development documentation)
  • Learn to write ImpressCMS code. (Try your hands on a 'beginner' ticket on Github)

Test ImpressCMS

Testing upcoming ImpressCMS releases is the best way of making sure the new release can do what you need it to do. And of course, only if you report a problem to us we know about it and can fix it! If you have a bug to report, please file it following the bug submission guidelines.

Translate and document ImpressCMS

Translate ImpressCMS to your language. Go to Transifex and get going!

Help us improve the ImpressCMS documentation! Create new wiki pages or improve existing ones.