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We have big plans for the evolution of ImpressCMS in the future versions, and this page reflects those plans. We limit ourselves here to the larger subjects. A more detailed planning and definition will be done in the project issue tracker on Github.

This page is in continuous evolution, as we might add or remove  or move items at all times, so check back often to have the latest status. We encourage you to discuss this page also in the forums, let us know your thoughts about our plans for the future.

 ImpressCMS 2.0

  • Integration of Composer
    • IN PROGRESS use of external libraries instead of including them in the core
    • IN PROGRESS installing/updating/uninstalling addons (theme, module, preload, ...) with a specific impresscms composer type
    • IN PROGRESS Using external php libraries to replace ageing custom code
  • Rewritten responsive ACP (backend)
  • DONE Updated installation procedure
  • DONE PHP7 support (currently 7.1, 7.2 needs some additional tweaks)
  • DONE Adding URL routing to the core
  • IN PROGRESS Migration from the old Smarty2 to the Smarty3 template system (PR #249)

ImpressCMS 2.1

  • Rewritten installer 'from scratch'.
  • Addon management module for online installations
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