ImpressCMS is quite light on the requirements, but there are still some minimal and maximum version that you need to verify. There shouldn't be any problems with most normal PHP hosting solutions. 

Minimum Required

These are the component versions that you should minimally have. If not, consider updating your version or changing hosting server.

  • PHP 5.5
  • MySQL 5.1
  • Apache 2.2


For those pushing the boundaries, these are the current limits of ImpressCMS in terms of requirements that we support.

  • PHP 5.6
  • No PHP 7 yet, sorry
  • MySQL 5.5+ or MariaDB
  • Apache 2.4

SEO & Advertising

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  • Display Advertising
  • App & Icon Design
  • Analysis & Consulting
  • Google AdSense
  • Social Media
  • Google/Bing Analysis

We do most of our developments and tests on Apache, so that platform is recommended, but NGinx or IIS should work as well, if you know how to make certain configurations yourself.

Configuration Options

If installing on a local computer, there are a number of packages that will help you get set up quicker than individual installations:

  • LAMP (Linux) - Most Linux distributions come with a pre-configured LAMP server.
  • WAMP (Windows) - For more information, visit the WampServer homepage
  • MAMP (Apple OS) - For more information, visit the MAMP homepage
  • XAMPP (Multi-platform) - Not for live sites. For more information, visit the XAMPP homepage

If you need more assistance, please look into our installation forums for help.

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