Modules are used to extend the core functionality that ImpressCMS offers, and add the specific functionalities that your site needs.

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Catalogue download image


designed to display a simple grid of products and optionally link to an external eCommerce provider/shopping cart

Content download image


The standard ImpressCMS Content Manager module. Manage your pages and their structure

CMS download image


CMS is an alternative content manager for ImpressCMS

Events download image


Events is an online event listing and calendar module for ImpressCMS

imGlossary 1.03 download image

imGlossary 1.03

imGlossary is a glossary system for ImpressCMS

imLinks 1.13 download image

imLinks 1.13

Manage a collection of external and internal links with categories, link suggestion and broken link handling

Impression 1.12 download image

Impression 1.12

An alternative content manager for ImpressCMS

Library download image


A publishing interface for text articles, images and downloads.

Quotes download image


Displays a block with a random or static quote in it.

myTube 1.06 download image

myTube 1.06

Manage videos on several video sites from within ImpressCMS

News download image


A blog/article management module.

Partners 1.14 download image

Partners 1.14

Displays information about your partners and sponsors.

Sprockets 2.0 download image

Sprockets 2.0

A utility module for ImpressCMS, providing tags, categories, rights management, RSS feed and OAIPMH for supporting modules

Podcast 1.33 download image

Podcast 1.33

Publish audio soundtracks and videos from ImpressCMS modules via RSS feeds and the web.

Profile 2.2 download image

Profile 2.2

A more evolved user profile module for ImpressCMS

Projects 1.04 download image

Projects 1.04

Display dossier pages for your organisation's projects

Reader 1.06 download image

Reader 1.06

A module for displaying external newsfeeds (RSS, Atom) on your ImpressCMS site

SimplyWiki 1.2.1 download image
  • skenow
  • 24/4/2017
  • 1.2.1 Final
  • 442

SimplyWiki 1.2.1

Create wikis within your ImpressCMS site

Banners 1.1.2

Manage banner advertisement campaigns on your ImpressCMS site

Contact download image


A simple web-based contact form for ImpressCMS