Addons repository

Here you can search our shared files.

ImpressCMS Core

The ImpressCMS core provides the basic infrastructure on which the modules, themes, translations and other functionalities are built. This is the basic system.


Verander de manier waarop je site is vormgegeven met één van deze thema's


Modules are used to extend the core functionality that ImpressCMS offers, and add the specific functionalities that your site needs.

Language packs

 ImpressCMS is multilanguage at its core. This means that you can manage content in multiple languages easily on your site. In order to do so, you also need to translate the user interface around your content. These packages will help you do that.


Patches are corrections or adaptations to the ImpressCMS core that are made available outside of the normal release procedure. This can be for 2 reasons:

  • Either because we want to give you access to a feature or a security fix as soon as possible, before we have gone through the entire release procedure
  • Either because it is a change to the core that will not be taken over in the core distribution, because it has limited use for other users