ImpressCMS 4-col themes for dummies (me) - basics and install in 1.3.10

Posted by Walkingnumber on 1507655498
1) are themes PHP in all cases nowadays? if not, someone fiddles with my programmes, they show in PHP ($-signs etc)... I have been able to get them in slightly more readble (for me, user) listings re-showing as source in mozilla.

2) I try iTheme but cannot get CcolL to widen above 170 ( across centerline and narrow'ing the two right cols). Can I get that center left col to grow right? (boot-strap doesnt help me... didn't understand it actually)

3) Is there any 4col theme design where cols can divide like ~ 20 – 40 – 25 – 15 % … with basic traits? (html, not php?)

4) Have U seen that stupid around who kicked Marc-André Lanciaux?

5) can themes now be installed by lever in admin GUI? Is there a wiki /docu for using that? tag /search word?

I'm the GNU /GPL supporter, early pirate member and now green party 100% democrate. I have seen you around since 7-9 years or somthi'n. I think you know <img src="" alt="">

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