Re: ImpressCMS 4-col themes for dummies (me) - basics and install in 1.3.10

Posted by fiammybe on 1512650824

<p>those are choices by the theme developer and, ultimately, by the site owner that decides to use that particular theme.</p>

<p>Bootstrap is the most widely-used CSS framework at the moment, which makes it a good platform to use if you want to create themes. By using bootstrap, you accept that certain functionality in the theme will be offered by some Javascript. Some time ago we had a look at what was available with the developers at that moment, and we decided on using Bootstrap for hte newer versions of ImpressCMS. No hostile overtaking, but simply pragmatic team members <img src="" alt="" /></p>

<p>There are other frameworks around, but personally I haven't used them and some of the functionalities that are requested nowadays by the end-user can only be done in Javascript so there isn't a realistic way to write modern themes without it.</p>

<p>As far as I know, there were no changes made tot he Template manager in the last versions. To be honest, I think the only use for the template manager is to fix some small issues in the template of the theme you are using, but in order to make the template manager useful in that scenario, there is some work to be done. The template manager is not integrated with the themes at the moment, and as such it can't offer you the option to download the template set for a specific theme. I think that would be interesting, but it isn't a big priority at the moment.</p><!-- input filtered -->

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