Re: ImpressCMS 4-col themes for dummies (me) - basics and install in 1.3.10

Posted by Walkingnumber on 1514231683
Q: My intention is to have entrance page 4col and other pages 3col. ...then my question...

Must then theme.html (1.3.10) contain both column set-ups + all css data ?
... or can I use 1 page theme.html 4col AND 1 page theme.html 3col somehow? (I believe each page is simple to make when getting to know the grid principle). theme1.html theme2.html ? ... but I cant find a "users way" to call those...

Solutions, pls!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

(if allways using a simple 12col grid it would be possible to make all themes according to a few made up css (originals). Like choosing shoes to your suite.) Can Template Manager be a module?<!-- input filtered -->

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