Re: ImpressCMS 4-col themes for dummies (me) - basics and install in 1.3.10

Posted by fiammybe on 1514720261

<p>the way the themes are currently setup is that the theme.html file contains the basic layout for the entire site. What you want is possible, but it will require some inventive smarty coding I think.</p>

<p>Bootstrap is very interesting to use because it takes care of most of the basics for responsive design. What you need to decide is how you want those 3 and 4 columns to show up on a mobile device. The reason is that this choice will impact how the HTML of the theme.html is structured <img src="" alt="" /></p>

<p>For example, if you just want the content of the 4 columns to be shown one below the other, you define your main content zone as col-sx-3. Bootstrap takes your content and puts it ont he page in the order in which it is transmitted in the HTML file. So it is not easy to show the content of column 1 and 3 first, and then the content of column 4 and then column 2. Also, i wouldn't display more than 1 column on a smarphone, to keep it readable.</p>

<p>Can you tell me what pages you would need to have 3 and what pages will need 4 columns? Also, which modules do you plan to use on those pages? This kind of design implicates adapted templates specifically made for the modules that you use ( like we do on the ImpressCMS site itself for example).</p><!-- input filtered -->

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