Re: ImpressCMS 4-col themes for dummies (me) - basics and install in 1.3.10

Posted by fiammybe on 1516459113
<p>Have a look at iTheme, our old and long-lasting default theme. You will see that the same type of syntax is used. ImpressCMS themes are built using the Smarty 2 Theme engine, which allows us to keep php code out of our HTML templates. Note, they are HTML templates, not simple HTML files. When you open this in a browser, it won't work because Smarty needs to fill in the gaps</p>

<p>In a way, what smarty does is add placeholders to a HTML file that get filled up by ImpressCMS. There is a certain logic also (foreach loops and if/then/else constructions) because we need to generate other code based upon certain conditions. For example when a zone does not contain any blocks, the HTML to define that zone should not be generated.&nbsp;</p>

<p>This is based on the basic HTML5 + CSS template that exists for Bootstrap, we just added the logic to integrate the different blocks and the zones in there. @skenow mentioned a Impressmizing tutorial written some time ago that seems to have disappeared from the site, I will review it to see if it is still in line with the current way things are done and I'll post it before monday.</p><!-- input filtered -->

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