Re: New admin theme - no change

Posted by fiammybe on 1568668001
<p>I think I found the reason. When you look at the code in the admin sections, they all use hardcoded paths to the system module. Not all of the pages are in <a href="">the icms_version.php file</a> as templates.</p>

<p>For example, when I take the <a href="">/htdocs/modules/system/admin/customtags/main.php</a> file, and change the last line that says</p>

<p>$icmsAdminTpl->display(ICMS_MODULES_PATH . "/system/templates/admin/customtag/system_adm_customtag.html");</p>

<p>and change it to&nbsp;</p>


<p>I get a nice white section where the custom tag manager used to be. I think it is something related with the paths in the filename, but I'm still looking into that to make sure.</p>
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