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Posted by fiammybe on 1454876449
Hi Web-M, great to see you found your way back to the project and are planning to build sites again with ImpressCMS.

Not much has changed for the moment on what you actually see, but there have been some big developments in the background, most (but not all) for ImpressCMS 2.0. I guess we'll need to decide one day to get a release out and stop adding or changing or optimizing stuff anymore. But I digress

I'm also working on a total revamp of the website (layout, structure, partial content rewrite) and we're on a kind of a deadline there, that should happen quite soon.

We have made some switches in our development infrastructure, and I'll be the first to admit that those switches could have been done better from a communication point of view. The current state is another hybrid : the code resides on github for the visibility, but our ticket tracker is still on assembla because it is way better that anything that Github can offer at the moment.

Next to that, there is also Transifex that I'd like to use to manage translations. However, that process still needs to be worked out. It's mainly me trying to get as many translations as possible in, and then manually running the script that constructs the language file based on the transifex data. Improving that is on my to-do list (somewhere below I'm afraid).

Now that you are showing interest int his particular field, along with someone else as well, Let's brainstorm a bit about how we can improve on what's there, both from a end-user and from a translator point of view.

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