We're now on the Freshcode club

Posted by fiammybe on 1406581968
You might know the site Freshcode.org, or perhaps its previous name, "freshmeat.net". That site has more or less been shut down by its owner (Dice Holdings) - it's now a static site.

A static site is of limited use for a site that has as a goal to steer people to latest releases of open source software. Not long after that decision by Dice, a new triplet of sites went up : freshmeat.club, freshcode.club and freecode.club (with thanks to the new domain extension .club of course).

I took the liberty of registering ImpressCMS there : http://freshmeat.club/projects/impresscms

The freecode club is, contrary to its predecessor, a collaborative editing site, so feel free to update the entry when you see something you would like to change.

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