Re: So I bought a couple of mechanical keyboards...

Posted by Madfish on 1439866474
I think I like the CM Storm Rapid-i slightly better, but really they are very similar in construction quality and you'll be happy with either of them (you could beat off a zombie attack with these things, they are that solid).

For programming or slow typing, I would say get brown switches (like a blue but without the noise). If you want a keyboard to do fast typing or a bit of everything (especially gaming) red switches are easier on the fingers.

There is also a CM Storm Rapid, which doesn't have LEDs under the keys (which makes it a lot cheaper). You don't need LEDs, but if you do get them pick white ones - it does help to highlight the lettering on the keyboard without being obtrusive. My Ducky has blue LEDs and I find them hard to look at / a bit annoying so I just turn them off.

If you do get a mechanical keyboard I suggest to make sure it comes with Cherry switches. Apparently the patent recently expired so a lot of inferior copies are starting to appear - from what I've read they don't have the same quality control so the force needed to actuate each key varies a bit, which can be annoying.

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