Re: Alternatives to XOOPS

Posted by davidl2 on 1202460151

seth_sd wrote:
As a follow on, is that why you guys went with Mediawiki? The whole layout is so busy with the Mediawiki module for XOOPS.

To quote from a post I made at XoopsModDev:

"a) Upgradability - the xoops's version uses a hacked version of MediaWiki - which limits how easy it is to update .. not to mention the plugins which are essential for its usage.

b) Security - The current XOOPS version is several versions behind the live release of MediaWiki .. XOOPS users should know particularly about the security risk from obsolete versions

c) Speed - The stand alone version is faster then the XOOPS reelase

d) Future proof - With the best intention in the world, how can we guarantee how soon - if at all - the next release of a module-ised version will appear?

Not forgetting that thanks to recent work with OpenID - XOOPSWiki will soon be able to be integrate with a XOOPS OpenID login anyway"

This still applies with ImpressCMS as well of course

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