Re: We need a test site

Posted by Northern on 1254885162
for the short part of what the Indistructable test site was.

there was a Cron job that reset the site with a known good SQL file.
linked to that Cron job was a Java script that counted the time down till the refresh.
a few pages in the X files where modified so that in the admins/config page the users could not completely turn off the site.

a list of good modules and good themes where installed, so that these users could install and remove them.

I had three test sites running.
X, XC, and XCL

Ill start tinkering on my server with ICMS and the demo setup, when i get it up and working with just a few themes and modules, ill open it up for testing. when its given the thumbs up you're more then welcome to upload it to ICMS to be open for public use.

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