We need a test site

Posted by debianus on 1203002621
In few days our first final release will be ready. It is very important and promotion is need.
Of course, a good way is opensourcems.com, but about Xoops in that page there are some comments as:

Couldn't find anywhere to add new pages in the demo, so I'm as confused as Brian Haines.
Can't recommend this CMS.


How can you say that it is 'Very Easy' to use? I can't even figure out how to make a new page using the demo! I can add a Block to an existing page, but how do I add a page?

A demo is very important (in my opinion). But in opensourcecms will be our package in SF...without modules. We need show our improvements (new administration, multilenguage etc) and offer possibilities to who try test our release.
Perhaps a new test site with some modules could help to us....

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