The simplest ImpressCMS installation guide - an idea

Posted by nachenko on 1221062923
I've had an idea.

I moved to a new house, new city, have tons of work, but I want to do this:

The simplest installation guide for iCMS installation.

See, when I read website tutorials like "you'll need an FTP program, an editor, a drawing package and..." I get sick. It's all crap.

My tutorial will be like: Got Windows? You have everything you need. Now you'll get your own iCMS website up and running in minutes..

No need of FTP programs, Internet Explorer can do FTP services, in a way that is much easier to understand for non techy people. No need of dreamweaver or FrontPage, use iCMS integrated content manager, you got no design skills, OK, let's get a free theme.

Now, the first problem: CamStudio screen capture does not install in my computer, don't know why (I have Windows xp64).

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