Custom @ImpressCMS Twitter Design Needed

Posted by JMorris on 1273609939
Hey gang!

Currently, the ImpressCMS Twitter profile is using one of the lame default twitter profile designs and doesn't even remotely reflect our community and the outstanding pool of talent it contains. In the interest of helping the project stand out and attract more users, we'd like to have a custom background and color scheme developed for the project's twitter profile.

To thank the designer, as is the case with nearly all custom twitter designs, the designer is welcome to discretely include the following caption in the design to help gain some exposure for their work....

"Twitter Theme By:"

This can be placed horizontally or vertically, as long as it's discrete enough to not overpower the ImpressCMS branding.

The main requirements are thus:

* The design and color scheme MUST compliment current ImpressCMS branding
* It should incorporate visual queues that instantly help users understand *WHAT* ImpressCMS is
* It should look highly professional and modern
* It MUST be reasonably lightweight (background file size)

Any takers? It's free advertising! :thumbup:

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