Re: Custom @ImpressCMS Twitter Design Needed

Posted by McDonald on 1274204361

UnderDog wrote:
May I suggest a combination?
[*] Background = icmstwit05.jpg
[*] On the left side vertically our logo + make a lasting impression
[*] The horizontal orange line is fine
[*] On top right corner also our logo (+ make a lasting impression)
[*] The right column ImpressCMS orange :D

I have to think about the left content block, maybe it gets too "busy" again, but how about the background of icmstwit03.jpg for that column?

Can you make 2 variations.
1 with vertical our logo top to bottom readable and the other with our logo bottom to top (so the other way around)

It's not possible to add the logo to the top-right corner with Twitter.
You only can play with the left column of the background.

With Twitter you can set the background and border colour of the right column, see here.
Also the colour of the links and the main background can be set.


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