Re: Custom @ImpressCMS Twitter Design Needed

Posted by skenow on 1274235611
Thanks for all the work to update the background!

In the latest screenshot, the tops of the letters in ImpressCMS and Twitter all line up. If you could nudge it up until the bottoms of the letters all fall on a line, it would be better. Or, scale ImpressCMS so the tops and the bottoms both line up and it would be fantastic! I would also nudge up the line that goes underneath so it lines up with the top of the content area (see the top right corner, just above the user info area.)

Can we make more use of the right vertical by not repeating ImpressCMS? If you took out the wordmark, you could move the slogan up. I can only see as far as the 'c' in ImpressCMS on my screens (I work mostly on laptops).

We could also work in additional tags, like 'community management system', 'open source', 'open...'

I like the initiative!

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