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Posted by westchesterweb on 1218901190
Hello Steve,

Thanks for taking a peek at the site. Your Christian Web Resources site will be added to my Links section. I'm using the web links module for that. Your link will show up on the right column in the Christian Links block. The links rotate, so you may not see it every page visit.

Once you're in the category section of the shop, if you look at the left hand menu on the shop, there's a link there to return to the home page. I should probably make it more noticeable. I will also make turn the header into a link.

About the meta tags, I kind of don't like making it too easy for people to know what software I'm using.

You're right about the clipsyndicate sluggishness. They just revamped their site and servers and it's causing problems.

Interactivity..... hmmm. That's always a problem. I really don't trust some users - especially some of the visitors to Christian sites. A few of them have been malicious on some Christian sites I've seen.

For the moment, I have things set up so that anonymous visitors can make comments on the Feature Articles that I moderate.

I'm considering adding a forum for registered users, but I want something lightweight. I tested newbb, but it really doesn't suit my needs and, IMHO, it's kind of slow and bloated.

Newbbex would be cool if it had RSS. Guess I'm looking for a basic, RSS-using forum that I don't have to add frameworks packages to. Any suggestions?

Thanks again for stopping by!

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