Re: Christian News

Posted by skenow on 1218917632
I didn't actually click on the Home Page link in the menu, just hovered over it and it looked like it stayed in the shop area. It also looks like you modified the header in the shop so the logo points back at the home page (the hover affect looks out of place, though)

Currently, your meta says 'XOOPS', which is why I suggested changing it to ImpressCMS - I saw some ICMS-specific css, so I am assuming it is built on ICMS.

Thanks for the backlink - I'll be adding your site to my directory, too.

I didn't realize that newbbex wasn't rss-enabled. RSS-Fit may have a plug-in that would work for it, or instant-zero may have this on their development plans.

Opening your site (or any site) to posting by visitors does have some risks, but you can manage it. You need to decide how much you are willing to trust and who you are willing to trust.

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