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Posted by Tom on 1219809665
Stop stroking his Ego, he'll get to excited lol.

Are you planning on continuing to use Mastop Publish? I only ask because the next stable release of ImpressCMS will have an inbuilt basic content manager which is pretty much the same. This would eliminate the need to maintain a separate module with your core install.

Anyway it looks really nice, the only thing I would personally consider is a contact form. When I visit websites if I have to open up my e-mail client or use a webmail site (like Squirrel Mail) I tend not to bother contact that site unless I have no other choice and I don't like mailto's opening my software for me. Plus hiding your E-mail address should cut down on spam.

This is only my personal opinion and preferences but I do know of many who also feel the same. I suppose it's about making it easier for the end user in a true web 2.0 fashion.

When your ready for official launch, please also feel free to make a public press release within our news and articles section, there is a category titled 'They use ImpressCMS' specifically for promotions of ImpressCMS created websites.

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