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Posted by MekDrop on 1255122686
Yesterday I opened my personal website - MekDrop.Name.

Because I used free theme (a bit modified by me) and because site is now only in Lithuanian language (but in future when I find out how to use Google Translate like more languages come out), I think most interesting parts are working improvements or new features that'll add in future into iCMS.

iCMS has no modules for creating text/comics stories serials. I began working on mystory module. Yes, it's not very impressive yet but I hope this will change in future. You can see how it looks here ->

I found that imProfile module for only one registered user is not very useful. There is many features that only one registered user wouldn't care (f.e. tribes). So, I'm uninstalled it. But then I found that i miss some things. Whereas the main purpose of my site is to show list who I am and what I have done and what I'm doing, I wanted to display my works list in my user page. I tried using porfolio module, but found that it doesn't fit to my needs. So, I mixed some improfile and porfolio ideas and result is new aboutowner module. You can take a look it here ->

I wanted for my site anonymous comments feature. But iCMS has a very weak support for them. I found that most easier way to add support for them and keep backward compatibility by using my previously shown on dev list p2pControls framework idea. So, I began this framework. Now it lacks much features shown on my slides but it's already usefull as concept demo. Then I developed some demo controls on this framework. I think most useful right now is "comments". With this it's possible to add easy comments on every module. Even if it hasn't any support for comments! Also it's possible to have multiple comments lists on single page. What you need is just add such similar line to necessary template:

<{control name="comments" item=$item_id module="module_folder_name"}>

All files to play with this work will be shortly on SVN in core/sandbox.

I made some improvements to imLinks module. I added images caching, ajax, autotasks support for faster feeds displaying, rss (generated from all imfeeding feeds entries). Also different GUI (I think it's better but can be more improvement). You can take a look it here ->

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