Re: Introducing Legends of Nor'Ova!

Posted by skenow on 1383882293
Glad to have you along, mythus! Your feedback and enthusiasm is much appreciated.

We would very much like to hear the process that brought you to ImpressCMS. I've caught glimpses of it in posts somewhere - a hacked site, a search for a secure CMS and one that you can build a community around.

There is a news section for site case studies and highlights - a more in depth view of your site and its particular features and challenges.

We're undergoing some realignment of roles, content and marketing - 5 years has brought a lot of changes amongst our ranks!

Jump in wherever you feel comfortable - a fresh perspective on building a new site, selecting modules, finding a theme, customizing and migrating content are things us old-timers don't always think about any more.

There is still a lot for you to discover!

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