Re: Testing 2.0a2

Posted by Madfish on 1368693329
Just started digging through it, looks great. A few suggestions:

* Found a problem in /libraries/icms/core/DataFilter.php that was inserting additional line breaks into legacy content (ticket 712).

* Admin panel - the top menu text is a bit too small for an old man like me to read.

* Module admin, would be good if the module logos were clickable in addition to the titles.

* Module info pop up, the 'close' link doesn't work and is also redundant as there is a close button.

* Module admin menus - I get a bullet list now, no tabs, not sure if this is intended or not.

Had a quick look at compatibility with Gone Native modules, they will need some adjustment to work but I don't think it will be a big deal. Some approaches I had relied on quite a bit like getting the object handler name using basename(dirname(__FILE__ etc don't seem to work anymore, as it is returning the system module even when it looks like I am in some other module directory.

More to come.

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