Re: Testing 2.0a2

Posted by skenow on 1369000689
Thanks for the input, @Eyekeeper


Eyekeeper wrote:
I was testing a little on the interface.
I'd like to ask two things...

Wouldn't it be nice to make the whole theme (front and back end) responsive and with fluid layouts?

Since Bootstrap.js is at the heart of the UI refactoring, I think this is already being implemented. Look into themes/core/theme.html and themes/core/theme_settings.html for hints


Further I think the control panel blocks and module icons wouldn't actually need to be in a block using icons but all the functions could be inserted into a left column in an accordion menu to save space and to create a more modern approach to the admin...

For the remaining space we could have a dashboard with recent interactions or some useful stats as site access, pendind actions, quick posts or something similar...

Just my 2 cents

Way back when ... Incama shared some ideas for this

More than just ideas - a few more people rolling up their sleeves, creating branches in git for the UI, and adding their ideas will move this along.

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