Re: Please test ImpressCMS 1.3.5 RC2 packages

Posted by skenow on 1378240344
In previous versions, there was no message if no search results were found in any module - just the search form. I agree it isn't the best user experience and should be addressed, but that wasn't the purpose of the 1.3.5 release.

Now, I do see an error in the changes made to the search in regards to modules with no results - the logic is backwards in the current packages. This needs to be fixed before we release - 1 simple ! will take care of this.

In testing to confirm this, I have discovered that if no module has any results, the page is just as Rene describes it above - no message, no modules shown with 0 results - just the form. Basically, the option to display modules with no search results only works if at least 1 module has a result. I haven't found the fix for this, yet.

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