Re: Reputation and impresscms traits

Posted by skenow on 1514824484
<p>If I understand your post, customizing a theme that is based on Bootstrap is proving to be a little more difficult. Is that correct?</p> <p>Bootstrap is used by some because it makes it easier to have a responsive theme - one that works in all browsers and on all devices, included the various mobile devices. No one is required to use this, they can select any theme of their choosing.</p> <p>There have been discussions in these forums about loading different page components based on the page being viewed. You can do this in a variety of ways - using a template variable that is set by the page or module, using Symlinks in the administration area to give you more options in the 'Visible in' property of blocks. Modules can also have their own templates for their content and every theme can override every template in the core.</p> <p>Ease of use is important to all of us at ImpressCMS - and we'll help clear up any obstacles in the way of our users. Thanks for your support and observations.</p><!-- input filtered -->

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