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This link is also a 12c grid system (1st part) and looks easier. This is the css version, but there is a html somewhere there too. works everywhere, I suppose. (little asp there, but I think w3c is more neutral format... but it's only my guess.)

Responsive, yes.

I understand that comlexity in letting pages have a theme or letting the theme have a page... etc.
>> reflexion A: haveing a master with rows for each 2, 3, 4, 5 cols (grid)
>> reflexion B: load several css/html-theme basics that is then injected OR pushed into a page according to what it can accept.
>> reflexion C: perhaps the first question should be if the site by default should be built on blanks (module seen as "admin page" + function collection) OR each page by module. It is two ways of thinking.

C has its pros since it make all pages basicly the same from start. Then modules never need cloning /copying only functions.

one possibility is to control theme-belonging from admin module-mngmt-page.

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