Re: Improving search efficiency and speed

Posted by Madfish on 1361075671
Yep its a fairly minor modification of the default search function generated by ImBuilding. Takes about 5 minutes to change and test. I've got it running site wide now and it makes a big difference (for searches with a large result set).

Ultimately though it would be better if we can agree on a convention for module search functions to return to search.php a total count of results (in addition to the subset of results actually required for display).

That would break search for existing modules though, so it might be something best left for when the legacy module compatibility gap finally happens.

For those of us who are still XOOPSers, I had a quick look and I think this also applies to XOOPS as well. I don't think they are retrieving a total count of results at all and are hard coding the maximum size of the result set (20) as well, probably because of the efficiency problem.

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