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Posted by skenow on 1672714836

It would definitely be good to see 2.0 come to reality. And for us to use what we have learned for the benefit of us all. It's even better when we can incorporate what community members share with us.

One of our core promises was to provide all users with a path to upgrade. It was the foundation for the development of the deprecated messages in debug. I have yet to comprehend what it will take to make a module compatible with 2.0, or if there is an upgrade from 1.3/1.4/1.5 to 2.x. Even with that commitment, 1.2 > 1.3 was a 'start over' for some webmasters (including me). There were modules that didn't make the transition and replacements need to be found (still). 1.3 > 1.4 dropped more modules because they weren't updated by their developers and they haven't been adopted by anyone else.

As a founder and one of the developers I take responsibility for this. I am also a stakeholder and have sites that rely on what we produce. Don't get me wrong - what's been happening with 2.0 is going to be a great thing. I don't have the skills to have done any of it. I also lack the ability to explain it.

I've gone off topic for this thread - I apologize. I'll move to another topic where we can continue the conversation.

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