Re: Updates and upgrades for 2.0

Posted by fiammybe on 1673257121

What are the intermediary steps for someone who has created or maintains a module to prepare it for compatibility with upcoming releases of the core?

Normally, modules that do not use removed or deprecated functions should continue to work as they work now. I haven't been able to test that for the moment, as I have issues setting up a 2.0 version currently.

Using 2.0 functionality is not backward compatible, and @Mekdrop was looking into adapting imBuilding so that it generates first-class citizens for ImpressCMS 2.0.

Maybe we should relabel 1.5 as 2.0 and what is in 2.0 as 3.0.

This action would take care of the number only. That version would still lack several fundamental parts that a current-day CMS is expected to provide, and that are in the 2.x branch currently. The need for 3.0 would be as pressing from the start as the need for 2.0 now Things have changed quite a bit in 10 years.

On the other hand, renumbering 2.0 to 3.0 is just a git branch rename, so it's not really a big deal, it's just version semantics at that point.

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