Re: Updates and upgrades for 2.0

Posted by skenow on 1673583807

Thank you both for contributing to every release of ImpressCMS! We all have a stake in continuing and moving forward.

My personal interest is continuity for sites I maintain and the businesses they support. For the most part, they aren't needing any new functionality. The sites aren't the products of these businesses. The sites provide gateways to the businesses through their content, through the search results they are earning. The primary need of these sites is continuity - their ability to exist in the change ecosphere of the web. As a site maintainer, the main thing I need is the least amount of friction in keeping the sites running.

To maintain continuity, being able to run on the currently supported versions of PHP and MySQL are the primary factors. Doing this also improves performance, another critical component of a viable website supporting an organization, a project, or a business. I can commit to this - helping updating the core and key modules to be compliant with PHP 7 and 8. I believe we can do this without changing the minimum requirements for PHP and MySQL dramatically.

When we couple this with the commitments we originally made for the next major release of ImpressCMS, we can have a major impact on our constituents. First - we did what we said we were going to do. Second - we deliver something that performs better, runs on current web servers, and displays on all types of devices. That's what keeps me up at night.

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