Re: Updates and upgrades for 2.0

Posted by fiammybe on 1673603719

Thanks for clarifying that Steve! 

My situation is a bit different : my websites are standalone, and not linked to businesses at the moment. I am part of ImpressCMS in order to evolve and improve the experience by adding features, reworking existing features so they can be improved, and also removing features if they are no longer relevant for the future direction we want to go in. That last can be a difficult decision, but in those cases you need an alternative of course.

I think the way @Mekdrop and I want to evolve with ImpressCMS is not always compatible with the more-or-less status quo you desire : we already did major changes in the architecture to be able to evolve in a certain direction that will make it difficult to offer a one-click migration from an existing older site. I'll see with Mekdrop what are the best ways of doing that, but we might need a few manual steps to migrate from one module to another (something that might benefit the end-user in any case, the possibility to move data between modules).

I'm glad you want to focus your efforts on keeping the lights running with the current codebase, that means I will be able to focus a bit more on getting the next generation ready for primetime together with Mekdrop. It's really time we got that one in the wild.

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