Re: Updates and upgrades for 2.0

Posted by MekDrop on 1673653471

I thought about that a bit and I think maybe for now we could just make 1.5.x default branch. 

Still, I think that 1.x days are numbered just because some PHP libs that are used core (f.e. Smarty) don't have non-breaking upgrades available.

And then comes another question how to make sure that all modules are working correctly after these upgrades? I here only two possible solutions: a) try to grow our community that would test everything for us b) write some tests and use CI/CD to test all needed variants. Sadly modules with ICMS 1.x are not easily tested with (b) variant and for (a) variant we are still struggling. 

Also because it's hard for CI/CD to be implemented for testing modules with ICMS 1.x more manpower is needed to keep up with some required libs for modules upgrades. We can't use Dependabot and still make sure that everything runs correctly.

Maybe there are some other ways how to achieve that but right now I don't see any. 

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