Re: Updates and upgrades for 2.0

Posted by skenow on 1675031603

According to PHP Code Sniffer and the PHP Compatibility rule, our current 1.5.x branch will have errors below PHP5.6. The changes to make ImpressCMS run on PHP7+ haven't raised the minimum required version as of this point.

There still are some things that need to be addressed to eliminate errors when running under PHP7.0 - PHP7.4. Some are external libraries, as @fiammybe noted, and some are in code that won't get used (mysql extenstions aren't used when PDO is the db connection type, but the code is still there) or get used often (mostly in external libraries).

We do need to become PHP8+ compliant ASAP. Will having another release come sooner get us more testing with the various environments everyone is using? Will it help get other modules updated to be compliant with the newer versions of PHP faster?

Once we have a proper scope, we can better estimate the timeline to deliver.

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