Re: Updates and upgrades for 2.0

Posted by fiammybe on 1675117551

This all depends on requirements and how far we want to go here. Getting this release out sooner, while it is not yet fully 8.0 compliant could be an option. However once that branch is out, I don't intend to focus much more time on it, so further releases to polish up this branch would be mostly up to you then. This renumbering has had too much of an impact already on the development of the next version (former 2.0 branch).

If I spend time on modules, it will first of all be to rewrite them to be compliant with the next version. I might do bugfixes for the older version, but there are so many modules that need attention that I cannot commit to php version upgrades or feature improvements.

I would expect you could say that 2.0 will only upgrade from 1.4.4, partly because of the difficulty to get everything to run on such a wide range of PHP versions. But I'm not in that situation that I need to upgrade from sites older than 1.4.2.


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