Re: Updates and upgrades for 2.0

Posted by skenow on 1675224036

I agree - progress in the core cannot and should not be held back by the lack of module development. And the core should not get so far ahead that no one can follow.

What we do not have is a good sense of what modules are being used, other than what we are using ourselves. Some have alternatives that could be used in place of the module selected. In those situations, when the alternative is compliant with the core and the underlying architecture, we proceed. In cases where there are limited options and the module is highly used, we need to work together to improve the core and the module.

What I see as the outcome of this next release is a way to gauge what modules are active and will be updated. We will be better off as a community when we all have a path forward together.

How can we capture our top must have modules?

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