Re: Updates and upgrades for 2.0

Posted by skenow on 1675746096

I think it's OK that we have more than one option for a type of module, that's been part of our heritage and what fuels the OSS community. There have always been multiple options for various types of content - news, blogs, galleries, downloads, links, calendars. The same is true in other environments, too - WordPress, Drupal, XOOPS.

The choices are also available in other markets - Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), or Google Apps (Docs, Sheets, Slides)? Or, LibreOffice? Zoom, Teams, or Google Meet?

For me, it is the least amount of resistance to move forward. News from InstantZero is much more mature, robust, and feature rich than any other news module available. It does things - and I use them - that no other similar module does. The news module we use here is based on IPF and needs another module to create and manage categories (a good thing, actually, from a site management perspective). So does imBlogging - but it uses a different category/tag module. SmartSection had even more features - allowing a preview of an article, but viewing the entire article required another level of authentication, if you chose to do that. I'm not going to wait until one module can do it all. I don't think one module should do it all.

We can't create and support all the variations webmasters will demand, nor should we have to. That is why the marketplace exists.

The key at this point - what do we do with the core, and how does that affect the marketplace? Once I know what to aim for in module compatibility, I know what to do with my sites and the modules they use.

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