Job Description: Release Manager

Posted by skenow on 1259721188
We have identified the need for a release manager and this is the thread to set expectations and qualifications for that position. Please add comments and suggestions for consideration.

Release Manager

Position: Nominated by management/board/community

Exclusions: Not on any current management team

Availability/Duration of Position: For an entire version release cycle (Alpha through Final)

* Monitor issue queue
-- All tickets assigned to and accepted by a developer
-- All tickets properly categorized (enhancement, task, defect)
-- All tickets properly prioritized
-- All tickets placed in the appropriate milestone
-- All tickets contain sufficient information
-- All tickets assigned the proper component

* Coordinate release phases
-- Issues addressed
-- Packages created, uploaded and tested
-- Release announcement written (Marketing Team Executes)
-- All references updated (Community, Marketing Teams execute)

* Provide regular updates to the community (at least every 2 weeks)

* Hold and lead developer meetings, when appropriate

Reports To: The ImpressCMS Management Team and Board. If the Board and Management Team finds it necessary, they can conduct a vote of 'No Confidence' and revoke this nomination before the end of the release cycle.

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